Switch Family Group

Switch Type

Type Number

Suitable for sliding Guards

Suitable for Hinged Guards

Suitable for Lift Off Guards

Mechanical Operated

Metal Case

Plastic Case

Remote Controlled

IP Rating

Captive Key Interlock Switches











Remote Delay










Heavy Duty










Safety Interlock postion Switches

Hinged Operated

GW 8









Link Operated

GW 9









Emergency Stop Switches

Push/Twist Key Operated











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Unimax System Advantages

Unimax Switch interlock system gives you many advantages. With the GW and SAF locking system providing a positive switch action and can be used as a   3 in 1 solution. The System replaces the the need to fit a a separate handle,latch and safety disconnect switch.


With this comprehensive range of Safety Switch products, Unimax offers the commitment of a product for most industrial guarding applications. Our product support engineers will be pleased to offer advice on your application, and if a non standard product is required we will investigate designing for you.  Our Customer Service will be pleased to offer detailed price and delivery information to enable you to obtain products at the best price and fastest lead time.

When guards are made removeable the following provisions should be made:

  • Opening or removing a guard while the guarded equipment is energized or in motion should be prevented.
  • Opening or removing a guard should automatically disconnect electrical power from the equipment, and from all elements exposed to operating or maintenance personnel.
  • Safety interlocks elements should be contructed and installed that they cannot be easily or inadvertently invalidated by-passed or actuated while the guard is open.
  • Safety interlock elements should be of the fail safe type with positive action interlock electrical switches. As Supplied on all Unimax Safety Switches


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